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The WordPOWER Book Series highlights the power words truly have. Everyone has a story and everyone has words that have impacted their lives. WordPOWER, an initiative by Fig Factor Media, brings together powerful words to create meaningful books. 

With now 25 books in the series with its first edition in English and second edition in Spanish, WordPOWER returns with another group of authors as they unlock the POWER hidden within their word.  Each book is compiled of short anecdotes, personal messages, quotes, and unique thoughts that represent each WORD. Through this series you will see each word in the creative light of the author.



Monica Garcia-Castille has a career in the healthcare industry for 18 years based in Houston, TX. In 2020, she took a leap of faith and founded her own marketing and business consulting firm, leveraging her extensive experience to help other entrepreneurs and businesses grow. Recently, Monica had the exciting opportunity to join Fig Factor Media Publishing Company, which allowed her to further explore her creative side and publish her first collaboration book as an author.

When Monica is not working, she enjoys traveling to new destinations, spending quality time with her loved ones, and maintaining an active lifestyle by working out. Monica strongly believes that finding a balanced work and personal life is essential for a satisfying and fulfilling existence. Overall, she’s a driven individual with a passion for helping others, a love for creative pursuits, and a desire to continually learn and grow—both personally and professionally.

IG: @itsmonimonii


Carmen Santiago-Keenon’s journey from a foster child to CEO, community activist, STEAM enthusiast, and focus on human-centered work is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. Through determination, hard work, and an unwavering belief in herself, she overcame countless obstacles and forged her own path toward success. Today, Carmen stands as an inspiration to aspiring STEAM students and individuals who dare to dream big. Her story serves as a reminder that, regardless of our circumstances, we all possess the power to rise above and create a better future for ourselves and choose to AWAKEN and actively participate in creating our lives.

Beyond her professional pursuits and philanthropic endeavors, Carmen finds solace in her personal life. She cherishes her role as a mother to three incredible children: Kane, Lili, and Gabe. Alongside her children, Carmen shares her home with two mischievous cats, Prince Charles, and Bean, who bring endless laughter and love to their lives. In her spare time, she indulges in her passion for music, playing her congas and singing, creating a sense of balance and fulfillment.

Facebook: Carmen Santiago-Keenon
LinkedIn: Carmen Santiago-Keenon


Priscilla Guasso is skilled at listening to what is close to your heart to get to the core of who you truly are. Many leaders find her foundational with how she radiates hope, light, and warmth serving as a reminder of positivity and one’s potential.
Her two decades of HR experience expand throughout the US, Latin America, Caribbean, UK, and Canada within hospitality, healthcare, and technology.
As CEO of Manifesting Leadership Group, LLC, she thoroughly enjoys coaching leaders to reach their leadership potential, is a strong HR consultant (recruitment, talent management, DEI, culture, employee engagement, employee relations), and sought out workshop trainer in English & Spanish.
In 2020 her passion led her to become a two-time Amazon Best Selling Author in 6 categories and founder of Latinas Rising Up In HR™ focused on one purpose: creating a community of Latinas in HR (and allies) sharing their keys of HR knowledge and success to O-P-E-N doors of unlimited possibilities!
Priscilla proudly holds a Bachelor degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing from University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign, Illinois. In 2023 she became a certified Executive Coach through CoachU and is working towards becoming an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation.


Elizabeth Conde, LMSW-SIFI, is a bilingual School Social Worker living in New Jersey. She is responsible for providing social, emotional, and academic support for students in her caseload.

For the past 25 years she has worked with different populations and programs, including domestic violence, education, and substance abuse. She is a Modern Abolitionist Professional Volunteer at the Ricky Martin Foundation. She is the Treasurer for the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation Advisory Board.

Elizabeth is also a Civics Teacher helping individuals to become U.S. Citizens and be able to exercise their right to vote.

She holds an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts Psychology from Hudson County Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Rutgers University-Newark, a Master of Social Work from Adelphi University, and her SIFI certification (Seminar Training in Field Instruction) from Columbia University.

Elizabeth’s greatest pride is her daughter. Her greatest accomplishment is her daughter graduating with her BFA in Acting.

IG: elizabeth_conde_sw


Lorena Martinez is a proud native of Michoacan, Mexico. She came to Watsonville, California, at the age of 12 and lived there with her family until she moved to Sacramento to attend college. Lorena obtained a degree in Business Administration Accountancy from California State University, Sacramento. After working a few years in Silicon Valley at one of the big four public accounting firms, PircewaterhouseCoopers, she decided to make a career and life changing move towards working on her true passion as a hairstylist.

Lorena Martinez is a co-founder of The Colour Bar Salon, one of Sacramento’s fastest growing and highly rated hair salons. She has taken the company from a single chair salon suite to one of the top-rated salons in Sacramento, California.

Since its founding in 2010, The Colour Bar has been rated “Best Place to Get Your Hair Done” for five consecutive years (2015-2019), “Best Place to Get Pampered” in 2019 by Sacramento News & Review, and “Best Place to Work” in 2021 by the Sacramento Business Journal. In 2021, she also co-founded Love Your Hair, an ecommerce website dedicated to providing high quality products. Lorena has been the recipient of three distinguished business awards: 2018 Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Latina Rising Estrella Award, 2019 Sacramento Business Journal Women Who Mean Business Award and 2019 Sacramento Business Journal 40 Under 40 award.

Lorena became a published author in the book Today’s Inspired Latina where she shares her story along with other twenty successful Latinas across the United States. Most recently, Lorena became a Socia for the Latina Empire Sacramento Chapter, a global organization founded by Perla Tamez Casasnovas with the mission to heal the heart, challenge the mind, and elevate financially.

IG: @lorena_thecolourbar
Tiktok: @lorena_martinez8


Gina Diaz, a resilient attorney, founded Diaz Case Law over a decade ago, dedicated to helping immigrants overcome challenges. With personal experience as an immigrant from Mexico, Gina understands the importance of support during tough times.

Having immigrated at five, Gina faced language barriers when starting school but conquered them through hard work. Her “I can do anything” attitude guided her through hurdles, including becoming a single mother at 19 while working at a law firm and attending college at night.

Her passion for law ignited while at a law firm, leading her to help undocumented immigrants, foreclosure cases, real estate, and businesses. Despite ovarian cancer at 33 and a business setback, Gina’s resilience prevailed. She rebuilt her career while fighting for her life.
Gina, a top immigration and real estate attorney, expanded her expertise to foreclosure defense, loan modifications, and short sales. Beyond law, Gina’s real estate passion led her to rehabilitate properties and co-found We Win, LLC, introducing women to real estate, and We Win, NFP, providing aid to the communities that need it the most in the chicago and surrounding suburbs.
Gina’s journey showcases her determination to make a difference.

IG: @abogadaginadiaz
FB: @attorneyginadiaz


Dr. Gloria I. San Miguel has over two decades of experience in healthcare clinical operations. Her impressive track record includes serving as a seasoned Healthcare Executive and Vice President of Operations within the medical practice sector. Her expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of healthcare services administration.

Dr. San Miguel was born in Puerto Rico and completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico. She earned her Master of Science in Healthcare Administration at the University of Central Florida and Doctorate Honoris Causa in Theology from MICAR Christian University.

The author is a certified John Maxwell Leadership transformational coach, healthcare executive, licensed clinical pastoral counselor, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two teenage girls, living in Central Florida. Her purpose in life is coaching and developing leaders towards living an intentionally driven life and developing the best version of themselves by achieving integral health—emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.
She finds joy in sharing her story of resilience and determination, enriching others’ lives with heartfelt guidance as she advances in her career and personal development. She emphasizes the significance of coaches and counselors, taking incremental strides towards achievement, and highlights how her faith has been instrumental in her life’s path.

If you need help and/or support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Gloria. She will be happy to add value and help propel you from intention to action in your heart transformation journey!

LinkedIn: Gloria San Miguel
Facebook: @crecimientointencional
IG: @intentionallydrivenenterprises


Norma is a Financial Professional with over 25 years’ experience and a former Vice President of Citi Private Bank Law Firm Group. She’s the CEO and Founder of Zambrano Consulting Group, whose mission is to help entrepreneurs and their families grow in all areas of personal development and leadership with a focus on financial literacy.

Norma is a connector and a passionate philanthropist. She currently serves on the Family Bridges’ Board of Directors, the National Youth Advocate Program, The Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) of The Maxwell Leadership Enterprise and The Beyond Success Round Transformation Tables. She’s been part of leadership mission trips through Costa Rica, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Peru.

One of her greatest achievements is extending the legacy of her late mother through the E.L.I.S.A. Foundation, a not for profit 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to equip leaders to impact, serve, and achieve transformation.

She is a contributing author of several anthologies of books including Today’s Inspired Leader, Today’s Inspired Latina Volume IX, The Dream is in Your Hands: She Can Do It, and a Guide to Create Strong Relationships.

Norma is a recipient of The Global Service Award by Citi and the 2023 recipient of “The Woman of The Year” Award by Today’s Inspired Latina.

Her favorite pastimes are traveling, exercising, reading, and spending quality time with her family. Learn more or connect with her at:


Clara Lucia Jaramillo-Carrier is an expert in transformational leadership and coaching with more than 40,000 hours of studying and training to her credit. A proud Colombian-American, she is a speaker and the founder of Awaken Your Purpose and Breaking Through Consulting and Coaching.

She spent more than 20 years in corporate America as a strategist, communicator, marketer, and journalist and holds a Master of Arts in transformational leadership and coaching. She is also an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coach, earned a badge from the Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching, and holds various certificates in emotional intelligence, human emerging empowerment technologies, and transformational coaching. Her mission is to guide people and organizations to awaken their purpose so they can break through, advance, and increase their impact.



Paloma Greer is a multifaceted artist, dancer, author, and motivational speaker, renowned for her groundbreaking work with The Caché Dance Project—a movement for women that promotes the profound power of healing through the art of dance. Her remarkable journey chronicles her transformation into a professional dancer in her forties, effectively challenging mental barriers, societal expectations, and age-related boundaries.

In 2016, Paloma confronted homelessness, depression, and chronic anxiety. This pivotal juncture catalyzed her deep healing journey, where dance evolved into her refuge and self-expression became her mode of therapy. Propelled by her determination, Paloma transformed her narrative, founding The Caché Dance Project to empower women to heal through the power of dance and embrace their authentic selves through surrendering to their own process.

Paloma’s narrative epitomizes the life-altering potential of surrendering to the healing process and channeling creativity into resilience. She has redefined dance as a medium for self-awareness and personal growth. Her journey stands as an invitation to ignite our passions, overcome challenges, and discover empowerment through the enchanting rhythm of dance.


Cassie is an interactive speech coach, a distinguished toastmaster, an artist, writer, and photographer. In her role as an executive speech coach, she has trained numerous senior professionals at all levels of communication expertise. Her performance-based approach helps leadership teams and professionals embody presence and confidence to achieve true influence. Speaking is her passion!

As an artist, she has sold and displayed her works in various locations across the country. Her pieces display an affinity toward waterscapes, which are seen throughout the book. She is passionate about her photography and uses her images to inspire her art. She is an avid traveler, which has led her to the shores of numerous bodies of water, where she finds respite. Her mind, body, and soul are intricately woven into the landscape of water.

A Manner of Speaking, LLC


Imelda Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of Coaching Vida, LLC. She created the company to provide the necessary tools to obtain a better lifestyle through holding seminars, courses, workshops, and conferences, as well as one-on-one and group coaching sessions (life and financial coaching) that she named Coaching Vida LLC.

She is also the founder and author of Latinas in Finances, a book-movement that was launched in January 2023. Changing the financial narrative one Latina at a time, the book is a collaboration of women that share their personal stories of success and falls within finance. Imelda was also a contributing author for Today’s Inspired Latina, Vol. III.

She is founder of the Entre Nosotras Talk Show, a video blog that has been live for more than ten years revolving around women’s supporting topics. Imelda is also a Credit as Asset Master Trainer, among many other certifications that support her work. In June 2021, she received the Latina Community Spirit Award from the Latinas Voice Awards.

Throughout her work, Imelda has remained committed to multigenerational legacy. She deeply believes that we can be the best version of ourselves and we can grow and develop our greater purpose and impact through learning. The best is yet to come!

Contact: |
(312) 912-3222 | (312) 694-5364
Facebook: @LatinasinFinances
LinkedIn: @latinas-in-finances

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